Place Part Static bid

How to create bids for Part Static offers

In this guide you will see how to create bids for Part Dynamic offers on Marsbase.
We are currently preparing a detailed video guide on how to do it. For now, the text version is provided below.
The creation process is the same as when creating a bid for a Part Dynamic offer, but with a dynamic trade, participants receive their assets immediately when the transaction is made, while participants of static trades are paid once the offer is fully completed.
So, we go to the OTC Desk and find an offer that is interesting for us. Perhaps this is exactly the token that you have been looking for, or maybe the discount is so attractive that it is impossible to resist.
In any case, click on the Details button in the line of the offer you like:
On the top you may find detailed information about the selected offer.
Available: This window shows the amount that is currently available for trading. Below is the percentage by which the deal has already been closed.
  • Offer price shows the price ratio of the tokens in the pair.
  • Discount/Premium: This window shows the amount of discount or markup on the transaction. Offermakers use these tools to attract more bidders and fill the deal quickly.
  • The Bids window shows the number of active bids in the offer.
  • Time left is the indicator of the trade execution time. After this time, the transaction must be completed or closed by its creator.
Below you will find a window for placing a bid for this offer.
You will be asked to enter the token you wish to sell, as well as the token you wish to receive in return. Also, using the slider on the right, you need to specify the desired bid volume.
Once you enter these parameters, an Approve button will appear below. Click on it if you are satisfied with the selected parameters. The Metamask loading window will follow. You will need to confirm the transaction there.
Final accept… and that's it!
The bid has been placed successfully. Below you can see that in the case of dynamic bids, you receive your assets immediately at the time of the exchange, and not at the end of the transaction.
Go back to the OTC desk or My Dashboard. There you will find your bid and you can check its status.
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