Navigate PART deals info

§Another important point that you must understand when choosing an offer for making a further transaction is the parameters that are indicated in it.
  • To do this, go to Details.
Above is more detailed information about a particular offer. It is especially important for those who are going to bid on offers from the Marsbase OTC desk.
  • Available: This window shows the amount that is currently available for trading. Below is the percentage by which the deal has already been closed.
  • Offer price shows the price ratio of the tokens in the pair.
  • Discount/Premium: This window shows the amount of discount or markup on the transaction. Offermakers use these tools to attract more bidders and fill the deal quickly.
  • The Bids window shows the number of active bids in the offer.
  • Time left is the indicator of the trade execution time. After this time, the transaction must be completed or closed by its creator.
Below you will find a window for placing a bid for this offer. How to do this is described in other guides (see below).