Part mode OTC deals

PART deals allows you to split a large offer into smaller parts. If the volume of assets is large, then it is better to sell it to many participants at once.
Part mode is made to conduct fractional or discrete trades. The system automatically splits the buy or sell offer into parts of different sizes (bids). Due to many bidders, both full and partial closing of this deal is possible. This type of deal allows you to sell a large volume of medium or low liquid assets to more people in a moderate amount of time.

PART deals are flexible in:

  • setting the assets,
  • deal size,
  • minimum bid size,
  • premiums or discounts,
  • and other parameters.
The difference between part OTC deals & Best bid auction Zero-deposit offers
  1. 1.
    In part offers buyers sets up the price, in the best bid offer the price depend on bidder
  2. 2.
    Part offers are completed automatically when all the conditions are satisfied or the offer is over. The best bid offers have no deadline, and the offer will be closed only when an offer maker chooses a bid. Both offers can be cancelled at any time by offer maker
  3. 3.
    Part offer means that you can sell many assets in parts, quickly and to many people. In the best bid, only one buyer can close an offer.
  4. 4.
    In the best bid offers, discount/premium are calculated automatically depending on bids.

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