Marsbase OTC fees

There are 2 types of fees on the platform:

  • Platform fee
  • Network or Gas fee (Network fees are set within the blockchain independently of the Marsbase platform).

The platform fee equals 1% of the total transaction, but is divided between the offer maker and the bidder in half as follows.

On regular crypto OTC desks, the commission can exceed 3-5%, OTC managers can charge even more, depending on how difficult it is to aggregate a large volume of a rare coin.
For example:
You want to sell $100,000 worth of PROM tokens. The commission of an OTC manager can be $10,000. On Marsbase, you will save most of these funds by paying only $500 as an offermaker.

Offermaker fee

The offer maker gets a fixed fee of 0.5% of the size of the closed transaction in the same tokens as the offer itself.
For example:
User 1 creates an Offer for 100 ETH at a market price of 2500 USDT and sells the asset for USDT without a discount and a minimum bid.
As a result, 99.5 ETH will be available for exchange, and the platform commission will be 0.5% = 0.5 ETH
Additionally, the user pays network fees in ETH, depending on the speed of the transaction.
If the offer is not completely closed, e.g. only 50% of the size (49.75 ETH) is sold, then the user will be returned 49.75 ETH (the remaining part of the offer) +0.25 ETH (the remaining part of the fee).
In case the offer was canceled, no commission is charged.

Bidder fee

The bidder gets a fixed fee of 0.5% of the bid size. It is paid in tokens chosen to make the bid itself.
For example:
User 2 opens the Marsbase dOTC platform and finds a very advantageous offer for themself. They want to buy 10 ETH for 25,000 USDT from User 1.
The generated offer will indicate:
From - 25 000 USDT
To - 9.95 ETH
Platform fee 0.5% = 125 USDT
After the transaction is available for exchange 99.5 - 9.95 = 89.55 ETH
User 1, the offermaker, will receive 25,000 USDT.
User 3 also saw a good offer from user 1 and decided to buy out the rest of the 89.55 ETH. In this case, the created rate will indicate:
From - (89.552500+89.552500*0.005)= 224,994, 375 USDT
To - 89.55
Platform fee 0.5% = 1,119.375 USDT
In case the offer or the bid was cancelled, no commission is charged.