Marsbase Vesting NFT

On top of the profit you will make on buying an allocation at any Presale round you will also receive the Marsbase NFT of a different kind.
Depending on the amount of investment you may get Bronze, Silver or Golden NFT. The higher the NFT level the more rewards and additional income you will get as soon as we launch our Marsbase referral program.

A way to use NFT you've never known of

To manage the supply and demand and prevent MBase token price from any negative price impact Marsbase decided to implement a deflationary model for MBase distribution. This means that tokens belonging to early Marsbase investors and users, ambassadors, OTC traders & managers will have a vesting period.
The deflationary tokenomics model is a huge advantage for a project. Like many projects that sell their tokens in fixed parts (allocations) and several stages (tiers), Marsbase will push MBase tokens to the market gradually and distribute them according to the vesting schedule after the IDO. You may see the unlock schedule below.
However, as usual even in case of vesting we prepared something interesting.
First of all, big news. MBase tokens are unique in many ways.
  1. 1.
    Everyone who invests in early tokensale rounds receive MBase token wrapped in NFT cards. There is an automatic minting of the Marsbase NFT that goes attached to your account once you buy our Mbase tokens on any Presale round.
  2. 2.
    Vesting tokens can also be swapped, traded and transferred between wallets on the OTC desk. To get additional bonuses you will also be able to extend the vesting period or use the unvest protocol to receive the unlocked tokens faster.
Let's go through each vesting utility feature one by one.

Trade your vesting NFT

We plan to enable MBase investors to trade their tokens received at pre-sales before their unlock. It will be possible through our OTC desk, and it will not anyhow affect the MBase market value.
MBase early investors can easily exit their investment partially or in full before the end of the vesting period.
You may be wondering how you can sell an NFT partially? There will be a function that will allow you split the amount of the investment you have in parts. You can hold some MBase while still being able to sell the other vested parts.
Another good thing is that you do not have to use outdated tools like Telegram chats to sell your vested tokens. This is exactly the reason why we invented Marsbase. You can use the OTC desk to set the floor price and off you go. The only limitation you might have is that both buyer and seller have to be on one of our Whitelists (whale, KOL's, or Community). Which one depends on the amount of selling.

Hold or split your Mbase NFT

As mentioned earlier, you can easily trade your vested MBase tokens. In case you still want to hold part of them we invented another unique Marsbase NFT feature. Every NFT owner can split their vesting assets into parts and perform different operations with each of them.
What can be done with split vesting MBase NFT:
  1. 1.
    Send vested assets to other users as a gift (Why not make your partner happy?)
  2. 2.
    Sell part of the MBase NFT on OTC desk. For this special occasion we will introduce NFT sale offer with fixed price or possibility to choose the best bid.
  3. 3.
    Send part of vested tokens to the Speed Light Pool. Read on to learn more of this cool feature.
  4. 4.
    Send another part of the MBase to the Time Machine Pool. Read on to find more details on this feature.
  5. 5.
    Hold another part and claim daily unlocked tokens. There is going to be a linear daily unlock that will start after the IDO (after the Cliff period, if any). Cliff period is counted from the moment of the IDO launch.

Speed up your vesting NFT

The MBase release schedule can be accelerated if you really want it so!
If you do not want to waste time you are able to reduce the vesting period for your assets by adding them to our Light Speed pool!
We made it possible for several reasons. On the one hand, we want to make MBase unlocks dynamic, so there will not be sharp price fluctuations. On the other hand, it will enable our users to manage their assets in the way they want it.
I am an early investor that bought $10,000 worth of MBase tokens. This is about 2,500,000,000 MBase (vNFT) with a vesting of 28 months.
I have an opportunity to buy $10,000 more of MBase on the Public sale round and put them in the Light Speed pool together with vNFT.
This way I can speed up my unlock and get higher income (let's say 100% more) out of this pool not in 18 months, but in 12.

Earn more vesting NFT by slowing down vesting

While the Light Speed pool allows you to speed up the vesting period, we considered another Time Machine pool that would do the opposite thing.
If you want to increase your potential share of vested tokens, you can add the ones you have to the Time Machine pool. It works as some sort of staking: you just hold your vested MBase tokens and with time receive rewards for that.
For Marsbase this means we have more loyal holders and more stable price and the unlock schedule gets flatter.
Total pool size: 300,000,000 MBase
The table below demonstrates how can you extend the vesting period and what additional income you may get from it.