ADAM-X NFT by Marsbase

Welcome to Marsbase and ADAM-X NFT Collection!
In this piece, we'll tell you about the ADAM-X NFT collection from Marsbase, which is close to launch. At the moment we want to familiarize you with what it's going to look like and very soon we'll launch a landing page, where you can get acquainted with all the subtleties of ADAM-X in a clear way.

Synergy between Marsbase and ADAM-X

ADAM-X is the latest NFT collection from OTC platform Marsbase, which aims to expand the use of NFT beyond the JPG art and speculation world. ADAM-X is not just another avatar or a piece of art. It is a mighty asset which opens all doors on Marsbase dOTC desk.
ADAM-X, which allows you to gain additional benefits from P2P trading, provides extra earning opportunities and opens the door to private Marsbase communities.

What does the ADAM-X collection give you?

This absolutely exclusive collection of 2,000 avatars gives you membership access to the Marsbase ecosystem and allows you to discover additional aspects of the over-the-counter market and new opportunities in cryptocurrency profitability.
In addition to the collection component, ADAM-X targets users of the Marsbase OTC platform and its entire ecosystem. At the moment, this is where it provides the main product value: ADAM-X is 101% made up of useful features and benefits that make the P2P trading and OTC platform experience what institutional fiat market investors are used to seeing.

13 Utility Features of ADAM-1 NFT

ADAM-X is an NFT collection that looks beyond traditional collectibles and has a higher product value than competitors. Here are some of his features depended on the rarity of the NFT.
Lower trading fees instead of general 0,5% and reduced vesting management fees instead of 2,5%
Marsbase normally takes a fee of 0.5% for every trade, but with NFT fees are much lower! Only 0.1% for OTC trades and 1% instead of 2.5% for vesting management.
Access to private tokensale rounds
The NFT opens all doors on Marsbase from buying MBase at private round prices to making profits on the upcoming IDO.
Bonus multiplier, larger cashback and referral bonuses
Holding our NFT will automatically increase your farming, staking and referral rewards.
Access to private OTC desk, exclusive deals with VIP community and DAO
NFT owners will be able to see private transactions with the best conditions and get into a closed community of traders with hot deals and VIP features.
Access to private Eve NFT mint
You also get higher chance to participate in Eve's minting.
Discount on NFT upgrades
Upgrade your NFTs to get more bonuses from referrals and larger income from farming.
Higher rewards for completing tasks and activities
Completing certain tasks as a part of the OTC Army will get you additional bonuses.
Discounts on offer promotions on the OTC desk
All offers on the platform can be promoted by the offer makers to attract additional attention of the trader. With NFT you get discounts on this option.

Minting Mechanics and schedule

The main collection consists of NFTs of 3 levels: bronze, silver and gold. Each of them has utilitarian properties and gives preferences on Marsbase OTC Desk.
In order to get any NFT you have to choose a "chest" pool, which contains a certain amount of NFT with a percentage probability of falling out of one level or another.
Additional collection has no restrictions on the number of cards and is issued for each separately. Receiving this depends directly on the contribution of forces, funds, connections, or for example, a blogger in our project and on his position in the market. In this case the NFT is not generated and sent to the purse manually.
At the moment, 8 mints of the ADAM-X collection are expected, each of them will carry its own specific feature.

How are NTFs generated from the main collection?

On our main resource i.e. website of NFT collection, user selects the "pool" from which he wants to withdraw the NFT, selects the amount and clicks Generate. Based on the probabilities and availability of NFTs in the pool he will get either bronze, silver or gold.
The NFT is randomly generated. Minting roadmap directly depends on the development of the OTC desk. As soon as a new property appears that can be made utilitarian, we add it to the collection and organize a new mint.

Here are the basic rules

10 rounds of mints in 365 days should distribute 2,000 cards.
Each round is smaller than the previous one in the amount of cards.
Each round has a different number of rare NFTs (out of silver and gold).
With each new round the cost of a mint increases.
A new mint occurs after the release of the next feature on the OTC deck, which adds 1 or 2 new utilitarian properties.
Unsold NFTs move on to the next round and so on until all NFTs are sold.
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