MBase IDO - Public sale
August 2022

Marsbase in a nutshell

Marsbase is the world’s first DeFi OTC platform for over-the-counter trading of cryptocurrency assets. Here anyone can trade ANY amount of altcoins of any capitalization with zero slippage and no price impact.
Marsbase is unique, as there are simply no other DeFi OTC desks out there. We have spent hundreds of hours of our precious time and millions of dollars from our angel investors to build the best product that would solve all market problems at once.
Now we are launching our MBase token which is not only unique but also has unprecedented utility features. MBase is used across the whole Marsbase ecosystem, and it is also a governance token that will give voting rights to Marsbase dOTC users.

MBase token IDO

MBase is a multi-chain DeFi OTC utility token of the Marsbase platform.
It acts as a fuel for OTC transactions and can be used in all platform modules: NFT and reputation upgrade, Ambassador and Referral programs, farming, staking and more.
MBase tokens will initially be in BEP-20 format. In the future, we will move to cross-chain so other networks will also be available and the MBase token will become a multi-chain token bridged with other blockchains.
πŸ’΅ The IDO price will start at $0.006 per token which means if you invest on any presale round you get highest profits.
πŸ“Token sale will take place at Sushiswap.
πŸ•‘ The approximate date of Public Sale launch is August 1, 2022.

Allocation details

Percentage of total token supply: 0,83% Number of tokens: 50,000,000 MBase Full block (Cliff): none Vesting period: none Round price: $0.006 Approximate capitalization: $300,000

MBase utility features

The MBASE token can be used for the following purposes:
Fuel for OTC deals
Additional unique features
  • Get a discount off Marsbase fees
  • Receive a cashback of up to 50% from transactions
  • Buy and trade vested or usual NFT items
  • Manage your tokens speeding up or slowing down vesting period
  • Stake Mbase to increase your referral level
  • Increase holder bonus for staking MBase for longer time
  • Get access to the VIP OTC desk, private chats and channels
  • Pin your OTC deals higher in the offer list to attract more attention

MBase in staking. More income from passive income?

Staking of MBase tokens unlock even more possibilities of passive income. It is possible to stake MBase tokens, as well as Marsbase NFT cards and items. More on MBase NFT is in the upcoming articles.
Staking MBase tokens will get you an access to:
  • VIP OTC desk for bigger budgets
  • Holder bonuses for staking MBase for longer time (up to 900%)
  • Rewards for making deals via an invite link when staking in the Holder pool (from 5 to 15%)
  • More MBase and increased income from the referral program and team farming, cashback, discounts etc.
  • Voting for new features and projects that are accessed according to the DAO principle

MBASE Vesting

Marsbase sets a deflationary model for its tokens in order to manage the supply and demand and prevent any negative impact on MBase price.
The deflationary tokenomics model is a huge advantage for a project. Like many projects that sell their tokens in fixed parts (allocations) and several stages (tiers), Marsbase will push MBase tokens to the market gradually and distribute them according to the vesting schedule after the IDO. That is done to prevent the token price drop immediately after entering the market.
We also plan to enable MBase investors to trade their tokens received at pre-sales before unlocking, without affecting their market value.
The SAFT document will transfer ownership of NFT wrapped tokens after purchase. In the future, the investor will be able to transfer these rights from one wallet to another, indicating the unlock period, for example, 18 or 24 months. At the same time, the number of resales is not limited or regulated.
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