KOL's round

July 2022
In this article, you will find all information on MBase Private sale round which we call Key Opinion Leaders or KOL's round. Read on to learn where and how to participate in this round, what is the allocation size and price at this round.

Terms and conditions

The access to the KOL’s Token Sale allocation is available for bloggers and influencers, advisors, some participants of the Ambassador program, as well as those large investors who, for some reason, did not make it to the Whale Token Sale round.
To participate in KOL’s Token Sale, users will need to fill out a whitelist confirming their participation, as well as pass the KYC procedure . The number of available places is calculated from the number of early participants and their size of the desired allocation.
KOL's Token Sale will take place in late June-early July. There will be 3 rounds of KOL's sale, each of them will last for 24 hours only. The allocation sizes range between $5-15k, $15-25k, and $25-50k respectively. There will be a possibility to share and sell your vested allocation.
Percentage of total token supply: 5.56% Number of tokens: 333,333,333 MBase Full block (Cliff): 3 months Vesting period: 18 months Unlock: linear, daily Full unlock: 21 month Round price: $0.003 Approximate capitalization: $1 000 000

IDO and vesting

In case the MBase IDO is postponed all our KOL's round investors will get additional bonus wrapped into an NFT. The following list describes the bonus size depending on the length of the delay.
1 month = +2% to the investment amount in MBase tokens wrapped in vesting NFT 2 months = +4% 3 months = +6% 4 months = +8% 5 months = +10% (maximum bonus)
In case the IDO delayed we will also proportionally reduce the cliff period.

How to get to the whitelist

You may find different banners on our website or the OTC desk app leading to the closed sale of MBase tokens.
Following those banners you will get to the Whitelist application form. Fill it in to secure yourself a share from the Whale token sale round allocation.
Next, you will need to wait until our team processes the request.
  • You will receive an email about the Sale start. There will also be a link to the certain offer.
  • Set your price range, choose the stablecoin you prefer and send the agreed amount of investment to the indicated wallet.
  • Within few days you will receive your MBase allocation wrapped into NFT.
  • After that you will have an access to your Dashboard on Marsbase where you could see your NFT and its features.
Until then, don’t miss your chance to buy MBase at the lowest price possible!