For whales

Now, in order to sell an asset, you will not need to contact several OTC desks, pay a tangible commission to the OTC manager, or search through various centralized or decentralized exchanges, collecting assets for $100–200k dollars.
With the help of Marsbase and Part deals, it will be possible to collect a large amount of completely different assets, including shieldcoins, with the participation of many other users. Small market players themselves will offer what they have, on your terms!
For example, you want to collect a portfolio of a number of altcoins of different capitalizations in the amount of, say, $2–3 million.
All you have to do is place an ad to buy various tokens for stablecoins or another liquid asset, offer an adequate premium (using our calculator), and determine the deadline for these transactions to be completed!
Another option. Let’s say you are an ETH miner. You want to understand how much money other traders are willing to offer for your 3000 ETH lot. You place a $150,000 ETH / USDC lot, select the Best Bid trade mode, and start collecting offers.
This mode of transactions will allow potential buyers to offer you only the full amount of closing the transaction, i.е. 100%, but at the same time they are likely to set their own discount and ask for an asset less than its real value.
And in some cases even more than its real value. It can even be market manipulators who intentionally gain more assets in order to scare newcomers, provoke a panic sale and buy on a drawdown.
At the end of the term, the platform algorithm will automatically select the best deal options and close it with the best offer. There is no need to worry, since selling such a volume on a regular exchange would lead to a more significant decrease (or increase, which in the opposite situation provokes others to take profits) in the final amount of the transaction. If on OTC it can be 5–7%, then on the DEX exchange you can lose all 30%. All this, by the way, can be checked using our smart price comparison calculator for OTC, CEX and DEX.
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