For launchpads

Marsbase for launchpads is simply indispensable, because only here transactions will be made that do not affect the price of assets. This means only one thing — a confident start of projects with a rapid rise in prices.

How it usually happens:

  • The project with its (minimum) community comes to the launchpad. This project has already passed the sed stage and already has early investors.
  • For the launchpad, these investors are largely unknown. That is, the launchpad, taking on the risk of project promotion, also takes on board the holders with the largest volumes of the project token.
  • The launchpad will promote the project and the community that trusts the pad and invests in it. After the project enters the market (especially after the first distribution of vesting tokens), those first investors drop the price in 90% of cases. There is no effect on them.
  • This leads to the fact that the next time the launchpad community will be wary of a project with unknown backers, an ill-conceived vesting schedule.
  • Most likely, after 1–2 times, most users will simply stop participating in pad sales, which, in turn, will lead to a drop in the value of the pad token. Reduced demand for pad will result in fewer and fewer projects to launch. Should we tell you what’s next for you.
The good news is that things can be different. The more successful projects you launch, the more projects will reach out to you to repeat or even surpass previous achievements. More lawsuits, more profits.
A good reputation will certainly affect the mood of the community. And a happy community will bring more deals, a percentage of the commissions from which will also replenish the launchpad piggy bank.
To do this, you need to convince the launchpad community and the projects themselves to sell assets not to a pool or glass, but to Marsbase OTC, while earning additional revenue from these transactions.
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