Marsbase Potential Profit Calculator

Use the Marsbase Smart Calculator to understand how much money is lost on your transactions on the CEX/ DEX markets and how much you can save using the Marsbase dOTC Desk.
To calculate the real cost of transactions on CEX exchanges, our calculator collects all order books from all the most popular exchanges via Coinmarketcap (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Gateio, FTX, kucoin, Huobi, Bybit). Tokens from the TOP 150 CMC list are available for calculation. They match the tokens used on the platform, so you can easily check any token pair you are interested in.
Next, the number of orders that can be executed for the volume specified by the user is calculated. We have not forgotten about the exchange tax on transactions, which will also add to the loss item.
During the first operation, the calculator itself calculates the total value of the asset. This is the weighted average price of the specified volume, similar to how you would collect the required volume on several CEXs.
Then the calculated rate is multiplied by the volume and compared with the first value (the difference between the initially assumed and the final amount of the transaction).
To calculate data from DEX exchanges, we use the most up-to-date aggregator tool 1inch. It already has enough tools to calculate the slippage and gas fee of each transaction. Looking at the values ​​obtained, it certainly becomes uncomfortable with how much the transaction will go nowhere. That’s what Marsbase is for. We provide the opportunity to exchange this or that asset without changing the price on the market and without senseless loss of money from your wallet.
We will have to pay only a small commission (the smallest on the OTC market) and for the fastest execution of the transaction, add an additional percentage of discount at our discretion (in any case, this will be more profitable than CEX or DEX platforms).
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