Navigate the OTC desk
If you are not familiar with the basics of OTC trades, then this post will help you achieve your goal on the Marsbase platform as quickly and efficiently as possible.
You can trade assets on Marsbase using two methods:
  1. 1.
    Find a deal on Marsbase dOTC desk with the parameters you need.
  2. 2.
    If there is no such deal, create your own offer and set the desired conditions for it.
Let's look at both methods one by one.

Especially for you, we are preparing a guide on how to use filters to find the right deals on OTC Marsbase. You will understand how to navigate the platform interface.
For now, the text version is provided below.
First, let's go to the Marsbase OTC Desk page:​
  • Click Launch app in the upper right corner of the screen.
How to quickly find all active offers to buy or sell? They are presented in the window highlighted in the screenshot.
In the section on the left you will find filters. Use them to quickly find the right token, offer size or deal closing conditions.
You have 3 filters available for sorting OTC trades:
  1. 1.
    Token ranks
  2. 2.
    Offer size
  3. 3.
    Offer type
Token ranks is a filter for sorting offers with tokens of different capitalization.
Depending on the capitalization indicated on the CoinMarketCap website, you can filter all offers on the OTC desk by the degree of popularity of the involved tokens.
Use Offer size if you want to filter transactions by the amount of funds requested by the offermaker *.
*Offermaker is the person who creates the deal.
These can be relatively small trades (up to $10k) or very large trades (starting at $500k).
The Offer type filter is intended for advanced users who care about the deal closing time. Here it is important to understand the difference between static and dynamic deals on Marsbase. We cover this in detail in this guide.

Another important point that you must understand when choosing an offer for making a further transaction is the parameters that are indicated in it.
  • To do this, go to Details.
Above is more detailed information about a particular offer. It is especially important for those who are going to bid on offers from the Marsbase OTC desk.
*A bid is your offer for a deal (offer).
  • Available: This window shows the amount that is currently available for trading. Below is the percentage by which the deal has already been closed.
  • Offer price shows the price ratio of the tokens in the pair.
  • Discount/Premium: This window shows the amount of discount or markup on the transaction. Offermakers use these tools to attract more bidders and fill the deal quickly.
  • The Bids window shows the number of active bids in the offer.
  • Time left is the indicator of the trade execution time. After this time, the transaction must be completed or closed by its creator.
Below you will find a window for placing a bid for this offer. How to do this is described in other guides (see below).
Let's now go to My Dashboard. All information on your active offers and bids will be displayed here.
How to create deals on Marsbase, in case you haven't found an interesting deal, we tell in the following guides:
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