Create Part Static Offers

How to create offers to sell or buy crypto assets on DeFi OTC Marsbase.

Part 2: Part Static

Llet's see how to create Part Static offers on Marsbase.
We are currently preparing a detailed video guide on how to do it. For now, the text version is provided below.
The creation process is the same as when creating a Part Dynamic deal, but with a dynamic deal, participants receive their assets immediately upon completion of the transaction, while as participants of static offers are paid out at once when the offer are fully completed.
So, go to the OTC Desk and press the CREATE NEW button in the upper right corner:
The next window will ask you to specify the token you want to sell, as well as the token you want to receive in return.
You also need to specify the desired volume of the transaction.
Once you enter these parameters, more trade parameters will appear below.
In this case, select Dynamic in the Offer type window.
Specify the date and duration of the offer. After this period, the offer will automatically close.
Below you need to specify the minimum amount that a bidder can offer you. By default, the bidder can offer any percentage of the total offer volume.
On the left you will see two more functions: Discount and Premium.​
  • Select Discount if you want to sell an asset at a price below the market price.
  • Select Premium if you want to sell an asset at a price higher than the market price.
On the right, specify the size of the discount or premium price.
Check the data and then click on CONFIRM OFFER.
Next, you will see another window with all the parameters of the transaction. Make sure you set everything up the way you planned.
Only after that click on Approve and confirm the transaction in Metamask.
The final confirmation step, wait a bit, and now, your first Part Dynamic offer has been successfully created!
Go back to the OTC desk. There you will see your offer marked My offer.
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