Check your deals and bids in My Dashboard

How to cancel offers or bids and claim your money

In one of the previous guides, we discussed the difference between static and dynamic Part deals. This guide will teach you where to find your offers and bids, and how to cancel them, no matter static or dynamic.
We are currently preparing a detailed video guide on how to do it. For now, the text version is provided below.
From the OTC desk you can easily access My Dashboard via upper menu. Click on it as shown below:
You will see 2 tabs with all your existing offers and bids. First tab show your active offers, how much money you suggested to the market, discounts, deadlines, and so on. You name it.
The second tab will unravel all the bid you've placed on someone else's offers, as well as the statistics with all the parameters: bid share compared to the whole offer, the amount you suggested, your price, and the deadline.
Let's go back to the Offers tab. Here we can click on details of the offer which is not relevant anymore to cancel it.
The upper right corner will show you exactly the button you need to cancel the offer. Click it and make sure to approve it in case you really want to wipe your trace off Mars surface :)
Approve here and then in Metamask too.
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