About Marsbase

We want your first steps on our dOTC desk to be fast and easy. Hope this page helps and we’ll stay friends for long. Let’s begin!

Marsbase DeFi OTC desk

  • P2P deals through smart contracts
  • Tokenizing SAFT / SAFE (Real World Assets ) and trade them
  • OTC desk with illiquid assets without entry threshold
  • Available for whales & retails
  • 5000+ Tokens in BSC & ETH
  • Discount models/auctions /zero-collateral deals
MarsBase — New DeFi Amazon for SAFT, SAFE & illiquid crypto assets p2p-trading.
We help early investors to sell or buy locked assets, shares, distressed or undervalued assets, and open web3 OTC market for retail investors!
Our main goal is to create an open, legal, simple, and secure secondary market for every type of asset and investor.
Marsbase opens access to 4 types of OTC trades with a choice of 5000+ currency pairs.
We have combined all this in a single marketplace for all market participants, lowering the threshold for entering OTC deals literally to satoshi and providing tools for managing the reputation.
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  • Damir | MarsbaseTeam#0209
  • Dmitry | Marsbase Team#8389
  • Jnest#5144
We never ask for a transfer of funds or payment, passwords or other sensitive information.