Role of slippage / price impact

Slippage is the difference between the value of a trade at the time of its creation and its final execution. This happens on CEX — centralized exchanges due to the difference in prices for buying and selling and the amount of available liquidity at certain prices in the market.
This is especially true for large transactions of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. If trading rare assets on regular exchanges leads to a sharp drop in the price of the token, then on Marsbase you can be sure that this will not happen. P2P transactions do not affect the market price, they are transactions that transfer money directly from one wallet to another.
The price impact happens due to the limited liquidity available for the transaction. The exhaustion of available liquidity significantly reduces the price of an asset and results in the loss of money on any transaction associated with it.
Another benefit of Marsbase is the absence of price slippage, which usually happens if you trade assets in market conditions with insufficient liquidity. On dOTC Marsbase, transaction prices are fixed, which means that there is simply no difference between the initial cost per token and the value at the time of execution.
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