About Marsbase

We want your first steps on our dOTC desk to be fast and easy. Hope this page helps and we’ll stay friends for long. Let’s begin!

Marsbase Mission

A unique marketplace with best prices on any altcoin. Trade any volume without losing money on slippage or price impact
  • Decentralized OTC deals
  • Available for whales & retail investors
  • Best coin offers with discount prices
  • Full ERC-20 coin range
Marsbase is a decentralized OTC platform for making large volume deals with hundreds of altcoins without slippage or market price impact. The platform is designed both for crypto whales and retail investors who previously could not enter the OTC market.
Marsbase opens access to 2 types of OTC trades with a choice of 150 currency pairs, as well as a launchpad for projects with vesting and the ability to resell vesting tokens.
We have combined all this in a single marketplace for all market participants, lowering the threshold for entering OTC deals literally to satoshi and providing tools for managing the reputation.
Moreover, the MBASE native OTC token of the Marsbase platform, as well as staking and farming will make your trading experience as profitable as possible. You will be able to receive cashback from your transactions and instantly calculate the profit from transactions on Marsbase.

Where to find our Roadmap?

The team is constantly updating and adding new features.
Detailed roadmap:
If you have an idea that you would like to implement on the platform add it to the list of proposals or vote for an existing proposal using the link:

Where to find currently ongoing events?

We have created a convenient activity calendar that contains the most up-to-date information about past, present and future events. You may found the most recent event roadmap here:
We also post all the news about our events on our official channels.
📢 Telegram Channel 🔹
👾 Discord 🔹
🐦 Twitter 🔹

Need more info?

Check out the additional materials we have collected

Why do you need MBase tokens?

MBase is the utility token of Marsbase OTC desk.
The MBase utility lies in the fact that the token will act as a fuel for OTC transactions and be used in all platform modules from the Ambassador program and NFT upgrade to the reputation layer and dark pools, from farming to offer links in the OTC Army.
Read here to find out more on MBase token.

How can you earn MBase tokens?

Earning tokens is very easy. We constantly hold activities where you can earn not only a reward in MBase, but also get a guaranteed allocation in the Community Round, which will take place very soon.
Join our community to start earning MBase:
📢 Telegram Channel 🔹
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🐦 Twitter 🔹

Contact details

If you have any questions, you can:
  1. 1.
    Text to the official Telegram chat of Marsbase.
2. Contact us on Discord:
Admins on Discord:
  • Damir | MarsbaseTeam#0209
  • Dmitry | Marsbase Team#8389
  • Jnest#5144
Group admins or other users will answer your question and help you deal with the problem.
3. Find an answer to your question in our knowledge base:
We never ask for a transfer of funds or payment, passwords or other sensitive information.
Learn more about Marsbase here:
Subscribe to our official channels and follow the news about the MBASE token, platform updates and the introduction of new Marsbase features:
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