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Marsbase: Your Decentralized Ally in DeFi OTC Trading

Marsbase is a decentralized OTC trading platform, architectured to cater to a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from high-rolling investors to individual retail purchasers. We proffer a sophisticated suite of functionalities that satisfies the requisites of all facets of SAFT/SAFE trading.
Our collaboration extends to investors, pioneers of Web3 ventures, and quota proprietors. We provide the capability to conduct OTC transactions at a fixed price, thereby mitigating risks associated with value depreciation or market dumping.

Predicaments of the contemporary secondary OTC market:

  • Pervasive fragmentation: The existing cryptocurrency OTC market lacks a coherent structure and is scattered amongst numerous minor entities, creating a convoluted landscape for the discovery of suitable transaction associates.
  • Absence of uniform transaction standards: This conundrum exacerbates the transaction process and breeds a climate of uncertainty for market participants.
  • Deficit of trust between vendors and purchasers: A thriving transaction necessitates a substantial level of trust between the parties involved, an attribute frequently elusive in the anonymized milieu of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Exorbitant commissions levied by OTC managers: These supplementary costs inflate the transaction value and erode the return on investments.
  • Protracted transaction periods: Traditional transaction conduits can often be time-consuming and intricate, slowing down the fluidity of capital.
  • Challenges in discovering liquidity for transaction closure: The market's constricted nature frequently imposes difficulties in locating suitable liquidity for deal closure.

Advantages for a VC fund collaborating with Marsbase:

  • A secure apparatus for trading SAFT/SAFE and encumbered assets: We offer a platform where you can safely and efficaciously trade assets, inclusive of those that are locked.
  • Access to a vast array of distressed and undervalued assets: Through Marsbase, investors can tap into a wide spectrum of assets, including those in distressed states or potentially undervalued.
  • Quadruple types of OTC transactions, inclusive of auctions and unique fractional deals: Our platform boasts flexibility in transaction formats, permitting the choice of the most apt format for any given scenario.
  • Opportunity to buy or sell a share of SAFT at the most competitive prices: Marsbase assures market transparency and competitiveness, enabling investors to obtain the most optimal prices for their assets.
  • Capability to sell unlocked tokens without market slippage or dumping: Our platform facilitates the sale of your tokens at their genuine market value, sans worries of potential dumping.
  • Opportunity to augment your stake in a venture by buying out other holders' quotas: Marsbase provides the capability to enhance your stake in a project by acquiring the quotas of other holders.
  • Discounts of up to 30% on OTC transaction fees, coupled with cashbacks: Collaborating with us enables savings on transaction fees and the provision of additional bonuses in the form of cashbacks.

This is why Marsbase serves as your quintessential trading partner for SAFT and the principal custodian of trust.

Types of Assets

1) Encumbered Assets
  • SAFT
  • SAFE
2) Unencumbered Assets
  • Quotas
  • LP-tokens
We accommodate virtually any assets that can be brokered via smart contracts.

Transaction Types

  • Best Bid Auction for all types of SAFT/SAFE/Illiquid Assets: Our platform allows for auctions where the victor is determined by the most competitive bid.
  • Unsecured Transaction (Auction without collateral locking in the contract): We proffer a transaction format that does not necessitate collateral, thus minimizing risks for participants.
  • Fractional Dynamic OTC Transaction (executed in parts with a minimum lot): This is an open format OTC, providing retail liquidity and enabling transactions to be conducted as requests come in.
  • Fractional Static OTC Transaction (filled in parts, executed upon order fulfilment): Another open format OTC that also ensures retail liquidity but executes the transaction only after the order is fully filled.

How to Collaborate with Us:

  1. 1.
    Engage in the SAFT market at
  2. 2.
    Sign the client agreement with MB
  3. 3.
    Receive a list of SAFT from you, apply to the digest
  4. 4.
    Create a DD report, fill in all parameters with off-chain and on-chain, succinctly state your position
  5. 5.
    We attract liquidity for your offers to close the deal
  6. 6.
    Verify all counter-parties and assist with all compliance procedures
  7. 7.
    Manage all processes to conclude the deal

Wish to Sell SAFT?

Does Your Network Include Holders of SAFE/SAFT/Quotas?

  • Invite partners to post orders on Marsbase by sending them an invitation link.
  • We share between 33.3% to 50% of Marsbase's commissions with OTC agents
  • We share up to 30% in case of a partner b2b program from our revenue

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